Review of Zest: #1 Chrome Extension for Marketing Articles

Zest It’s Zesstyyyyyy.

According to the creators of this brilliant Chrome extension: “when life gives you lemons… you make the best and fastest growing source of marketing articles anywhere on the web”.

And that’s what happened.

These guys built something so special that a TON of CMO’s and marketing executives now use this extension for their marketing reading, staying up-to-date on the latest marketing trends, and the best source of marketing strategies out there.

Here is their user growth and user statistics for those interested:
Zest user growth


Zest articles

Zest is super easy to use. Install the Chrome extension and it replaces your “new tab”. So every time you click to open a new tab in Chrome the extension shows you the latest marketing articles on the topic of your choice. These guys are serious, they only pick the top 1% articles on the web.

Marketers use this tool to not only read and consume the top marketing articles but also to propose their own and get high-quality traffic to their own site. Here is how it works:

How to submit an article to Zest


  1. Write the article (kind of a crucial step here folks).
  2. Click new tab to see your zest interface.
  3. Click on suggest a link (top right corner).
  4. Put in your URL and click Suggest.
  5. Wait until they approve it.

Once it’s approved you can go see it on your own profile:

zest suggest a link view all of your articles


Zest is currently free for all to use, except for when you want to promote your own article (to place it first on the list). The promotion feature is still in Beta so I’m not sure exactly how much it costs, but it is well worth it if you wanted to get the right eyes on your article (all those CMO’s for example). It makes the most sense if you are a B2B company, that’s for sure.


The best thing about Zest is that it looks so darn good. It just brightens my day (I wasn’t paid to say that). It does. It’s one of the best-looking things on my computer.

I have also learned a ton about marketing by reading their articles, and have gained a lot from posting my own stuff on there.

Thinking about publishing a piece on Zest? Here are some guidelines that they look for:

Your article must be 1,500 words or longer
Your article must have a published date
Your article must be in depth
Podcasts, interviews, strategies, hands-on tips do best.



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