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Review of | The Virtual Social Media Assistant is an incredible tool, it’s also one of my favorite ones.


Because it just recently launched in Beta, and on ProductHunt, and I like to root for the underdog.

But also, because they create stunning social media graphics for $1 each. And they look really good.


It’s a really easy tool to use with a UI that catches your eye. Their colors and buttons are super unique and immediately grab your attention.

Here is how you use Postmastr:

1. Sign Up (free)
2. Put in information about your company (logo, brand colors, audience, hashtags, tagline)
3. Wait 3-4 days
4. Choose your favorite designs
5. Schedule them with Buffer or HootSuite

postmastr brand audience builder-min

For example, I created an account for ShareSomeFriends, a really cool referral app that I help do the marketing for. I picked three colors from the site using the ColorZilla Chrome extension, wrote our tagline, wrote what we do, and picked the perfect audience. Lastly, I uploaded our logo.

The results were absolutely stunning. I really liked the image that they created for me:

postmastr io example of a social media design-min


Since Postmastr is so new they are constantly developing more and more features as they go along.

Currently, they offer a Buffer integration (HootSuite is coming soon) that automatically sends all the graphics that you liked on Postmastr directly to your Buffer account.

They also have analytics, an idea diary (where you can jot down your ideas and show the designers) and an ability to access your Buffer queue directly.


The price and quality are the best part of this incredible tool. You get great looking social media graphics for $1 each. The two plans are either 30 images ($30/month) or 60 images ($60/month)

All in all, it’s a great and very unique product.

THE BEST PART – every single image is created by a real, human, designer. And the more you rate them the better they get because they start learning your preferences and tastes. = Social Media Design (Finally) Automated.


Ben Kazinik


Ben Kazinik

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