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Review of Mailshake – #1 Outbound Email Tool



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being very honest this is the best outbound email tool that I have ever used, It’s so legit that entire lead generation/marketing departments are built around this tool.




What makes Mailshake so awesome is how easy it is to use. The UI (User Interface) is so incredible – everything works and everything is so simple. I don’t have to spend time locating a feature and getting frustrated – leave that to everyone else. Mailshake totally delivers in this category.


Another huge plus is that it’s built by the awesome Sujan Patel, who is an all-time growth marketer, with an incredible talent for building software and producing massive growth. Basically, anything Sujan touches turns into gold, and it’s no different here.


Experience & Features


I personally have used Mailshake on a number of occasions and have seen incredible success with it. For all of my campaigns, I used their templates, set up an email and 5 follow up emails and saw open rates of about 70+%. I’m also seeing response rates of about 5-12% which is incredible for cold emails.

It’s really easy to set up a campaign.

Here are the steps I took:

1. Start a new campaign

  1. Add your .csv file of recipients
  2. Compose the emails (use their templates for some of the emails, you won’t regret it)
  3. Click send
  4. Check all your responses in the Leads Catcher.




mailshake pricing


Mailshake is super affordable. It offers you unlimited emails per month for $19 per user. That means that you can get your marketing manager or lead generation person to send unlimited emails (if you are using G Suite for business the max is 2,000 emails per month).

There are no limits like there are with MailChimp, MadMimi, or those traditional “warm” email tools. Mailshake makes outbound emails look like a piece of cake.


TLDR? Check out Deepak’s video review of Mailshake instead!


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