Review of Grammarly: #1 Auto-Correct Tool

grammarly featuresHey everyone,

Grammarly is probably the best tool that I’ve used for my writing. I use this tool on every interface that I write – email, WordPress, docs, everything!

Let me show you what it does and how to use it:



grammarly home page


Grammarly is super simple to use. It’s a Chrome extension so you need to use Chrome for it, but you can also download the desktop version that connects to your Microsoft Office products as well. Go here to download it.

If you are using the Chrome extension simply turn it on and start typing. Whenever you make a mistake, a grammatical error or a spelling error, this red button will appear with a number (for the number of errors that you have to fix)

Grammarly screenshot

You will also see the misspelled word or sentence in red. Simply scroll over it or click on it and you will be able to fix it automatically. You can choose to either fix it, ignore it once, or add it to your dictionary (this is for names of brands like Groupon).

Once you fix all the errors the symbol should turn green. You can click on it to have it scan your document again just to make sure.

Grammarly screenshot 2

It’s super simple and efficient, and it’s way easier to use than other programs because it doesn’t require you to right-click on every error. Also, it corrects grammatical¬†things like missing commas – which is my biggest problem.

Damn you commas!!!

One note: Sometimes Grammarly does get things wrong when it comes to grammar. Use common sense and your own knowledge if something does not look quite right. Basically, the program does not understand nuance, it’s only a robot after all!

My Grammarly Experience

I’ve been using Grammarly for over 6 months now and so far I have seen fewer and fewer grammar errors in my articles. I use this tool for everything I write, and the best part is that they send you a weekly progress report just to make you feel better:

grammarly progress report


grammarly pricing

The free version of Grammarly is great, and you can use it indefinitely. The only thing you get with the paid version is that the program shows you “advanced grammatical errors”, ones that no auto correct known to man will catch.


All this was TLDR? Watch my video review instead:


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