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What does that mean?

The name must be referring to a crab that takes all of its social media channels and clinches to squeeze all the juice out of it. $$$.

That’s exactly what eClincher does. Social media gives you lemons and eClincher helps you turn them into Lemonade.

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The UI takes a little bit of time to learn, that’s why they recommend that you check out their short tutorial videos here (voice-over by yours truly).

But once you start playing around with the features you get used to it and it becomes second nature.


eClincher is the most comprehensive social media tool – they truly have the most features out of any other tool out there. To give you an example if you take the top 10 social media tools and combine them together they will still have fewer features total than eClincher does.

eClincher was made by coding badasses that keep developing a new feature every month.

Here are some of their most innovative features:


Auto-Post with Queues – the ability to bulk upload hundreds of posts and schedule them to publish and repeat indefinitely (evergreen content is what the marketing jargon is).

Social Inbox – the ability to respond to every single DM, tweet, comment, share, new follower, like, reaction, ad comment from a single tab (instead of logging in and out of each social network).

Influencer Search – the ability to find influencers (big and small) by topic and location on Twitter.

Design images with Canva – Canva is built into eClincher so design away at your heart’s delight.


keywords feeds on eclincher


eClincher is actually more affordable than other social media tools, and it’s a better deal with all of the amazing features packed in it. Their plans are as follows:

Basic ($49/month) – 15 social profiles, 100 feeds, queues, influencers

Premier ($99/month) – 50 social profiles, 100 feeds, queues, influencers, team features (Zendesk integration, branded publishing, powerful analytics)

Agency ($199/month) – 10 brands (or 100 profiles) and all the other features.

eclincher pricing page social media management tool platform automation



eClincher is a perfect tool for marketing agencies, social media managers/consultants, and small to medium-sized businesses that want to automate their marketing and social media efforts. This tool helps you to automate and improve every single aspect of your social media strategy – engagement, publishing, influencer outreach, social monitoring/listening, and customer service.

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