Review of Backblaze

Review of Backblaze

Don’t you just love when you have all your work stored on your beloved PC and during that important assignment from work, your computer just crashes – with everything on it? Yeah. Me neither.
Backblaze gives you the ability to backup your entire data on a platform in a remote location. Backing up data has never been simpler! Signing up, backing up, and storing your data is easy peasy and can be done while you’re working!
If you do love your PC crashing with all of your beautiful work and pictures of your cat, then by all means – you’ll want to steer clear from this data saver.


If you struggle with Backblaze, I don’t know how you download anything. Backblaze gives you a download that you install with two clicks and then sign in. That’s it.
Once you’re signed in, all you have to do is click back up and let the magic happen.
If you go on vacation, and your PC crashes, you can restore it from your PC. All you have to do is reinstall your operating system, download Backblaze and download your data. I find this more user friendly than cooking!


My experience was great. It was a smooth process. I even tried restoring a PC in a another location. I backed up my data, and then went to my friends house, where I downloaded the files on my laptop and restored them.
It worked flawlessly. If simple and easy isn’t your style – you’ll hate Backblaze.


I was pretty skeptical about the price of this service when I first saw it, but I realised, they really do just want to help you out. No one likes to lose their data. At just $50 a year, you can backup your PC whenever you like, and as often as you’d like.

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