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Using Poptin to Create Engaging Overlays to Improve Audience Capture

What is Poptin?

Poptin is a web and mobile overlay service that helps you to grow your conversion rates and keep customers shopping. The idea behind this is that by giving a customer a special discount when they try to leave the page, have been browsing for a while, or to give you their email will result in a success when the user is engaged.

Offering them a special discount or offer increases the chance of them providing their email or continue shopping that leads to a purchase.

The popups aren’t just limited to special offers or deals, you can use popups to get more subscribers, build a call list, have a popup further in your navigation so your audience will view more pages.

The service Poptin provides is much more than just creating more sales. It’s also about increasing your leads, building your call and email list, and getting your audience more involved in your site.

What are Conversion Rates?

In the simplest terms, a conversion rate is the percentage of users who do what you want them to do. In this case: they buy something and you make a sale.

Conversion rates are difficult to get when users are unengaged and there’s nothing left for them to do. Maybe they change their mind on an item or service and leave the site.

That lead is gone.

Poptin’s popups are a way to engage the user – not just with a popup, but with the use of interacting with the customer to get them to subscribe, to give you their phone number or email, or to continue to their purchase, where they’ll become a member to your site.

How Can This Benefit You?

By converting users on your webpage to customers, Poptin can increase your mailing list and provide you with more activity, traffic, and sales.

They help you to create a funnel that draws in more customers to your site. What happens is:

  1. The user begins looking around your site.
  2. They might try to leave after having a look around – Poptin has a popup for that instance and can redirect them back to your site.
  3. The customer might begin to shop or look at your products. They might change their mind about their purchase and try to leave, abandoning their cart of potential sales – Poptin can help prevent this by you adding in a popup that offers them a deal or discount.
  4. You want more email subscribers? Poptin can help you reel in those emails by adding a popup with an offer or promise of offers.

It’s very useful and can help you in very strategic places. It can help you with your:

  • sales
  • email subscribers / mailing list
  • user experience
  • customer satisfaction

There are several ways Poptin can benefit your business if you chose to use them for engagement and sales.

How Poptin Works

Poptin works by providing you with the tools you need to turn your leads into customers on your website. They allow you to create an offer that you can place anywhere on your site and chose a time for it to popup.

By doing this, Poptin allows you to create multiple strategies for instances where customers may leave, might abandon their cart, or are just browsing.

Poptin also allows you to analyze your data and run tests to see what works for your business. Different popups in different place and at various times, might benefit you better than your original choice.

#1: Decide on the Position

You want to give your clients something interesting or offer them a deal they wouldn’t want to miss out on. Doing this will ensure their email and will make them want to continue shopping with your business.

Once you have an offer in mind, click on New Poptin on your dashboard. You’ll then be taken to the Template Screen.

On this screen, you will need to decide on the Position of your Poptin and then you’ll select the Design of your Poptin. I’m choosing the Lightbox option and the Limited Time Code option. Once ready, select Customize.

A popup will then ask you to Fill Out the Following. You can turn the Status of your Poptin on/off, Name your Poptin, and Paste the Correct Domain into the Domain box. Select Customize poptin to move on to the Design screen.

When you get to the Design screen, you’ll see that General Settings is opened, there are Three Sections collapsed, the Poptin is fully customizable, and the Next button is readily available at all times.

Customize your Poptin at this point. You can open All the Fields at one time. In the Input Field you can ask for their Name, Phone, Email, or a Message. You can also add multiple fields.

In the After Conversion field, you will put in the email address that you want the lead email to be sent to. You can also choose to integrate your email platform which will add to it. You can change the code script if you prefer a different script.

The Advanced Settings allows you to decide on the Entry Effect, if it is Branded by Poptin (if you are a free member, it will be branded), choose if Content Gate, Close Automatically, and Close by Clicking on Screen is on/off. Lastly, you can choose how the customer can Close the Window by giving them an option with a time limit or not.

Hit Next when you are finished.

#2: Choose the Timing

Timing is everything, and with a poptin and your website – it’s no exception.

On the Display Rules section, you’ll find a lot of options to finalize you Poptin.

The first two we’ll look at are the: Display on Devices and the Display Triggers. For the Display on Devices, you can select if you want the poptin to act only for desktop users, mobile users, or both. For the Display Triggers, you can select if the trigger is a manual trigger or an autopilot trigger.

Choosing the Manual Trigger option will allow you to decide if you want the poptin to display when the user tries to leave and a time frame, such as:


  • scrolling down a percentage of the page
  • a time after visiting the page
  • after several clicks around the site
  • a specific page on your site
  • etc.

It’s all up to you how you want to use these features to engage your customer.

Next, you’ll want to finish up the rest of the Display Rules section.

The next parts are the Page Targeting, the Start and End Date, and the Display in Certain Days and Hours fields.

For the Page Targeting field, you can choose to turn on whether you want this poptin to show up on ALL pages of your site or just one. If just one, copy and paste the URL into the URL box and turn this feature on.

You can then choose whether you want to have a Time Frame for the poptin to run and decide if you only want it on Certain Days, Times, or Both.

Next, you’ll see Traffic Source, Display Frequency, and View Count Capacity. For the Traffic Source field, you can choose what traffic users can see the Poptin. You can choose specifics, such as:

  • direct visitors
  • social media visitors
  • search engines visitors
  • specific URL visitors

I like that I can choose the traffic that can receive the offer.

You can choose how often the Poptin will show to certain visitors. You can choose the Display Frequency to select between everyone, returning customers, and new customers. Then you can choose how often it will display to them.

The View Count Capacity is the max amount of views the Poptin can receive. This is usually unlimited, but if you are a free user, your limit is set so you’ll need to check it out beforehand.

Lastly, we have the Direct Link for the Poptin. This is great to add in to newsletters, customers that have birthdays coming up or anniversaries.

Anything special that are specific to your customer – you can create a poptin for a Holiday or season.

When you’re ready to create your Poptin, just select Publish. Once you hit Publish, you will see this popup on your screen:

Easy to Use

Poptin is very easy to use for creating an interactive tool to boost your customers engagement and sales.

I say this, because in my experience, some tools are not user-friendly and can be rather intimidating to inexperienced users. People want tools that are easy to use, simple to design, and are easy to incorporate into their website.

On your Dashboard, you can click on the Code for Installation button by the Poptin Logo and this popup will occur. It tells you how to install the Poptin on your site and even offers to send you an email with instructions.

Once the poptin is installed on your website, you won’t have to do it again. After you install it on your page, everything can be managed right from the dashboard on Poptin. I love that it’s so convenient to use and manage!

Create Conversion Tests

Creating a conversion test is easy to do with the tools provided to you by Poptin.

First, you need to click on your Poptin that you created and it’ll take you to the Display Panel. Once you’re there, you’ll click on the A/B Test. The popup will ask if you want the Same Template or a New Template. Select one.

After you choose your option, you’ll be taken back to the Design Studio of the template building. You’ll either start the process over, or begin designing the other template.

Fill out the Design Template however you choose for your test. Then click Next to move on to the Display Rules screen.

Once more you’ll fill out the Display Rules for your test Poptin. You will want to try:

  • various times
  • different days
  • specific customers
  • multiple views
  • change the display options

The options are unlimited to try out something different to test your original idea against. Once you finish, you can hit Publish and you’ll be taken to your dashboard.

From here, you can begin to watch as the differences start to appear. Let them run for at least one week so you can get a detailed report and see what is the best option for you in the long run.

Integration Support

I love being able to integrate my email services into sites like this, simply because it makes keeping my mailing list up to date. All the new emails go directly into my email program.


In the After Conversion field, under the Design Section, there is an Integration section where you can click on the Add Integration button. Click on it and a popup will appear.

With Poptin, you can integrate with 15 email marketing services. Since I use a few of these myself – it makes it quite easy to stay on top of my mailing list.

Select the services you want to Integrate with, and they will begin to add to the list. You will need to fill in your API Key and your List Id. Depending on the company, they may ask you for your Access Token, your Company Name, or something else.

Try a Better Web Overlay Option

Engaging with your customers on your website can be difficult, but with the right tools to engage a user and direct them to a sale can make it seem very simple.

It can be. Using Poptin can give you the tools to provide you user with an experience where they can feel special. Offering them a code for a discount or freebie can make them feel like the offer is exclusive to them – that they stumbled upon the secret to your site.

With Poptin – the popups can be placed anywhere, at any time, directed to anyone. It’s all customizable and up to you. With the ability to create tests, you are able to analyze data and see what is and isn’t working for you and your business.

This could be the interactive tool you need to engage your customers and get them to buy from you. Why not try putting it to the test with Poptin?

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