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The LinkedIn Game Changer: The #1 Tool For Any Growth Hacker on LinkedIn

What is Automation for LinkedIn?

Automation for LinkedIn is where you find a free service, or a paid one, and set up automations on it for your LinkedIn account. What these automation tools usually do is:

  • Connects with people through search.
  • Endorses  your connections and asks for endorsements.
  • Generate leads.
  • Helps you build an email list.

These are just some of the benefits to using a LinkedIn automation tool. The idea behind it is to help grow your account and build connections.

LinkedIn is a social media platform that has a business environment. Everyone is trying to look their best, so you want to use tools to help you succeed to that standard.

How LinkedIn Automation Works

Once you find the service you want to use, you will usually have to go into your settings, account management, or tools and set up the features you want to utilize and how. You may need to set up guidelines on auto-visiting, the content in your broadcasts, the number of daily connects, and so on.

Just like with most automation tools, LinkedIn automation tools need some guidance as well. You have to set up the program to work for your needs for your profile.

Some of the programs you may have come across are those such as:

  • Sprout Social
  • LinkedOMata
  • LinkedDominator

And there are many others like these, but some of these do what the others cat, and vice versa. If you’re like me – you want one place for all the great tools for your LinkedIn account.

Something you NEED to keep in mind is to use the tool correctly. This means you need to make sure you are not abusing the automation tool. You can be banned if this tool is used for abusing the automation features beyond their capabilities or too much.

Always check the recommended use of the tool BEFORE you use it.

Introducing Linked Helper

Linked Helper is an app that offers to do all the automations for you that would usually require you to use multiple tools at one time.

Once Linked Helper is installed, it will pop up on the bottom-right-hand side of the screen and allow you to turn on what you want.

Seeing everything you have turned on/off makes it easy to see where the automation is taking place and if it’s working to your standards. Some of the automation tools provided by Linked Helper are:

  • Message broadcasting
  • Collecting profiles
  • Auto-visiting profiles
  • Endorsing
  • Adding a signature to messages
  • Much more…

I’ll show you in detail what this automation tool is capable of.

#1: Message Broadcast

Creating a message broadcast is a fantastic way to reach out to your connections (first or second) and tell them about a new product/service that you are offering – or a discount code.

With Linked Helper at the bottom-right of your screen, select the dropdown menu and click on Manage Broadcast for 1st Connections. You will want to head over to your connections page to do this, since this is where your 1st connections are.

Next, you want to click on DAFAULT_BROADCAST and click on Create New, this will make a popup appear where you need to Title your new broadcast. After you do this, click on Recipients next to General on the section headers.

Now you are going to collect your recipients through the push of a button. See where under Recipients Found, on the left side, it says 0? Click the Collect Message Recipients and it will add in all your connections – on the right it now says 11.

Next, click on the Message section header and enter your Message into the Message Template. You can Save your message after you finish – and if you need to add in your company and position, it makes it easy to do so.

Lastly, you will click on Broadcast in the section headers and you can begin to change thePeriod Between Broadcasts a Send Limit, and then send out the Message Broadcast.

You have sent out your first broadcast to all your connections. You can do this again to your 2nd connections and your 3rd connections as well.

#2: Auto-Visiting Profiles

The auto-visiting feature is an amazing way to connect to other people in your industry. You can search for other lawyers, journalists, teachers, etc. This is a great way to expand your connections to others in your field, at your school, in your country, etc.

Click on the dropdown menu and select Profiles Auto-Visitor. Select the list dropdown menu and click on Create New. Add a Title to your list and hit Create. Head over to the Search Bar and type in a Name, Profession, or a Place. Once you are in the search area and the list of Searches loads, select Collect Contacts for Auto-Visiting.

It will begin to continue through the searches and collect all the contacts from the search engine. When you are ready to start the Auto-Visiting process, click on the Stop Collecting Contacts button.

Click on the Visit section header and click on Start Profiles Auto-Visiting button to begin having the Linked Helper go through all the contacts you collected and visiting the profiles. This will load pages continuously until it finishes all the contacts or you select Stop Profiles Auto-Visiting.

Once complete, select the Export section header and choose which format you want from the dropdown menu. Then select the Download CSV File button. You have now completed the auto-visiting profiles and got the contact list of those accounts.

#3: Boost Your Profile

You want to get as many endorsements and references you can to boost your profile. With auto-endorsements, this becomes a little easier to do. You can endorse your contacts, which they will usually return the favor for you.

Here’s how to do it:

One way that Linked Helper can help boost your LinkedIn profile is by allowing you to endorse your connections and then having them endorse you back.

From the dropdown menu, select Endorse My Contacts and under the Main section header, select Collect Contacts for Endorse. This will need to be done from your connections page.

Once you have everyone collected or you’re done with the process, select Stop Collecting Contacts for Endorse. You can then look at your settings and choose the:

  • time between endorsement periods
  • how many people you endorse in a period
  • how you want your endorsements done
  • how many skills you want to endorse

Once you decide on your settings, select the Endorse My Contacts button and the Linked Helper will begin endorsing each of your contacts.

For this to work, DO NOT leave this as an inactive tab. What you CAN do is to grab the tab and drag it down from the window it’s in and open it in a new window – this will allow it to run in the background.

#4: Build a Mailing List

All marketers are looking for ways to build a mailing list, or add to their own list, and this makes it easy to connect to people. You can simply download the CSV file from the auto-visiting feature and have a list of contacts at your fingertips.

First thing you need to do to start your email list is to select Profiles Auto-Visitor from the dropdown menu and click on Export in the section header. From the dropdown menu, you can choose Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Then click on Download CSV File.


Next, you will need to Import the file into your Microsoft Excel. To do this, open Microsoft Excel and select Blank Sheet. Next, select the Data section at the top of your Excel Sheet and click on the From Text/CSV button in the menu.

A popup will then ask you to open the document, select the document you downloaded from Linked Helper and select Import. Another popup will then ask you about File Options and Delimeter settings. Then select Load and a new sheet will contain all your information from the CSV Sheet.

Why Linked Helper Works

Linked Helper is an automation tool that puts you at that front of everything you do. I like that I’m in control of what is going on with my account and I can automatically set the automation tool to continue its course by time limits and period settings.

What is really cool about this tool is the connect feature. I like being able to auto-visit profiles and auto-endorse so that I don’t have to visit profiles one by one to endorse connections. This feature makes it easier for me to connect to others.

Lastly, Linked Helper gives you all the automation tools you need in one place. I don’t have to go to different programs to schedule different things. They’re all right here and I can continue to use them, even if other programs are running.


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