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What Does PR Stand for?

PR stands for public relations. Public Relations is how your business will communicate with the media and public. Some businesses use a Public Relations Manager to handle press releases, media interviews, and public audiences.

With social media, email, and texting on the rise for new generations – businesses are finding themselves in a place where they either join in on the trends or stay out of them.

In choosing a side, you need to decide how your business will deal with the public, social media, media, and press. That’s where you can use a service that connects you to journalists that can handle PR for you.

About Just Reach Out

Just Reach Out is a service that connects you with journalists in your niche to help you gain access to other blogs, websites, journals, magazines, etc.

Just Reach Out has helped over 4,000 brands reach out to journalists in their industry. They have journalists you can search through to find your match and will help you to pitch your ideas to them.

This site also features a service that will email you new journalists in your niche that you may want to connect to, or from your search history.

You can even find and participate in Quora and Reddit threads through the platform to gain daily exposure.

About Press Farm

Press Farm gives you access to over 20,000 journalists through email and social media. Press Farm has a seamless process from the initial search to the finalization of a deal.

Press Farm also provides you with resources that help you narrow down your search, support to find you the best for your startup, and they manually submit you into directories that benefit your startup.

Many startups have found their place on Press Farm due to the support and knowledge of the staff working on the site – and the connections they build with journalists.

How to Use Just Reach Out for Your Startup

To get started on Just Reach Out, you’ll need to sign-up or login. Once you sign-in, you’ll be looking at this:

This is where we’ll start our search for journalists. Let’s have a look at what the keyword Marketing will bring up for us.

The first thing we’ll see is the Journalists. There are three sections, but this is the default tab. In the Journalists section, we can see a list of journalists and you can see their name, their website, what they recently posted, you can favorite them or send them a pitch.

The next section is the Press Opportunities. This tab will list all the writing opportunities of the keyword you searched for. You can see the details of the Press Opportunity and choose if you want to respond.

Last, we have the Quora and Reddit section. If you click on this section, you will see a list of Quora and Reddit questions that are in your keyword search. You can see where the question came from, what the question is, and you can choose to comment on the question.

This makes it easy for you to find opportunities outside of just relying on journalists.

#1: Finding a Journalist

Now you’re ready to get started and you want to find a journalist to suit your industry/niche. Click on the Just Reach Out logo to find your way back to the main search.

Type in the keyword of your choice, I will choose lead generation for my search. When ready, select Search and your journalists will show below.

Your list will be longer than I’m showing, but what you can see is under the Journalists section, we have many journalists to choose from. I can favorite them for later, pitch to them if I’m ready, or continue my search.

#2: Pitching to a Journalist

Pitching to a journalist is usually a challenging task to accomplish. There’s a process for it, when you do it outside of a service:

  1. Find journalists/bloggers in your industry/nice and locate their contact information.
  2. Design an email pitch asking them to post your article/write your article, guest post/etc.
  3. Back and forth – hope they reply.
  4. Maybe never hear back, maybe you do – finalize details.
  5. Publish.

With Just Reach Out it’s far less complicated. All you need to do is locate your Journalists in under 5 seconds, run through your results, send an email pitch, wait for response.

When you have found one of the many Journalists you want to pitch to, select the Send Email Pitch. It will direct you to the Email Template page.

On the Email Template, you will see that you can select the article you are wanting to discuss, change the subject and body of the email, the highlights are clickable for suggestions, and you can change the template.

Once you are ready to send out your pitch, look at the email pitch tips for any added advice, you can choose to send a test email, and you can send the email pitch as is.

#3: Monitor your Response

It’s a worrying feeling to not know if someone has read your pitch or not. What I like about using Just Reach Out is the ability to monitor your responses. I can see if they responded, read it, not read it, etc.

I like the feature that even shows you when the system updated so you can see the last time the system checked your email. This makes it easy to see if someone responded to your pitch or if they’ve even read it.

How to Use Press Farm for Your Startup

Getting started on Press Farm takes only a few steps:

  • Fill out your profile questionnaire.
  • Press Farm creates directories for your profile.
  • Find journalists
  • Create a pitch
  • Pitch to journalists

This site helps you with your pitch, by helping you plan your writing, your motives, and your needs out for the journalist to see.

Press Farm wants to make your match-up successful by creating a list of journalists that suit your criteria and then narrowing it down further to get your needs met.

#1: Search Through Journalists

This is what your dashboard will look like. You will have a small list of reporters at the bottom you can connect to, and search for others. In the search bar, type your keyword.

When you type in your keyword, a list will drop down. Click on one of the journalists you would like to look at.

Once you’ve decided on a journalist to go with, you’ll need to unlock their profile. You’ll need to use credits to get their contact info. After you unlock their contact info, you’ll see their contact info clearly:

You’ll be able to see your journalists’ short bio and their contact details. You can choose to upload the contact to your email list, or you can choose to send them an email though their contact info.

Now, you need to write a pitch.

#2: Get Help with Your Pitch Before You Pitch

Press Farm has a dedicated team to help you write your pitch to the best of your abilities. Write up your pitch, read their guides and email them for help on your writing.

If you need assistance with your writing, your search, your account – the team is available 24/7 to help you. Click on the blue bubble in the bottom right corner to open the chat.

Start a new conversation with the Press Farm team and they’ll handle any questions and concerns you have – and help you with your pitch to journalists.

Building a Better PR for Your Startup Business

Your startup business needs help from all departments, but PR is crucial to the success of building your brand. If you get your name out there in the media by journalists and bloggers who can boost your credibility as a business – it will cause an influx of customers/clients to your business.

You always want to strive for excellent PR in every article your business is mentioned in – or that you publish. How you show yourself and your business in the media will affect how people view your business – in turn, it will affect your business.


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