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Creating a Top-Notch Landing Page with Instapage


What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is the page accessed when a user clicks on a link. This is usually the websites’ homepage.

However, when marketing items to potential leads, generally they will fill out a form to subscribe or sign-up and the page they are directed to is the landing page.

A dedicated landing page helps you to earn trust with your potential leads by telling them about yourself and your product, before trying to sell it to them. The landing page helps you to capture your potential leads and turn them into potential customers.

What is Instapage?

Instapage is a service that helps you to create dedicated landing pages designed to your ideas and guarantees you’ll see results.

This service allows you to build your landing pages, integrate your services, and analyze your lead information right on one platform.

Instapage has many features for you to choose from to embrace your creative side, and allows you to publish your work on any platform and perform tests to see if a campaign does better if done differently.

Instapage gives you a 14-day free trial with no commitment. If you decide to stick with their services, they offer packages starting at $76 per month.

Who is This Best For?

Small businesses and startups will have the most benefit with building a landing page to capture leads.

As a website homepageall businesses will benefit from that. However, as a leads capture, your landing page will be designed to capture your leads and eventually turn them into customers and clients.

Small businesses, family-owned businesses, and startups will have the most beneficial results from this service.

How to Use Instapage

Using Instapage is simple and straightforward. What you will find is all the tools laid out for you, right on the Dashboard. From your dashboard, you can create a new page and create a group.

There are many features you can use from Instapage, such as:

  • creating landing pages
  • adding groups and team members
  • integrating your services

Create a Landing Page

Creating a landing page is a task that no one takes lightly since this determines how well potential leads are captured by your design elements, text, voice, and presence.

Arriving at your dashboard, you’ll find yourself with two main options: create a new page or create a group. Click on the create a new page for the popup to activate. You can now choose between picking a template, importing a page, or uploading a file. Click on pick a template.

The templates manager will show all the available templates you can choose from. You can select a specific style at the top of the page, or browse through the templates. I selected the second option.

After you select your option, you will have to name your page. Hit continue when finished and you’ll be directed to the editor.

This template I chose has four sections to edit. At the top left, you can create a test, switch between desktop and mobile, open your settings, and add new. At the top right, you can exit the template to choose another, undo or redo an action, save your progress, preview your template, and publish your landing page.

The middle section in your initial page/form you can click to edit, you can scroll down to edit the other sections, and click on support if you need help.

Edit your design to fit your business. You can add in a logo, edit the text with a variety of tools, and move the information around.

Continue to scroll down and edit all the sections. Once you are finished, scroll back up to the top of the editor.

Click on mobile and the template will change. Make sure you like the layout and click to enable it if you want your landing page to be available on mobile sites.

Once everything looks good, save your progress, preview if you’d like, and then select the publish button.

You can choose how you want your page published. I chose the demo page because I’m doing a test. If you select the demo page option, you will need to type in an address. Then hit continue.

Your page is now published and on your dashboard. From here you can edit the page, access the link, and create more pages or groups.

Analytics Overview

Analytics are a crucial part of lead generation tools. As business owners and operators, we want to know if the service is doing us any good and capturing leads like we want.

Some analytics can be difficult to understand. However, with Instapage, the analytics are easy to understand. Click on the line graph button next to your landing page.

You will see the analytic reports dashboard open. From here you can choose the landing page you want to view data on, and the filters to choose between all visitors or unique visitors, and what device: both, mobile, or desktop.

You can see your page overview underneath your chosen page. It will show you the number of visitors that day out of all time, how many converged, and your conversion rate. This is followed by a performance graph on the visitors and conversions through a timed chart.

Last is the performance variation chart. This chart shows the variation between your landing pages and the traffic.

Integrate Your Services

Integrating our apps and services onto one platform makes our lives easier to manage. Having tasks all over the internet, on different platforms, and doing different things we need to keep track of – can be a mess.

Instapage makes integrating multiple apps an easy task. This process takes just three simple steps from start to finish.

  1. First, click on your settings button on the dashboard screen. From the popup menu, select integrations.

  1. Next, the integrations page with popup. You can choose to change your publishing integrations, your analytics integration, and your page integrations.

Under your page integrations are apps and services that you can click on to add them to the Instapage platform. This will make your life so much easier when sending out the landing page, checking reports, and publishing your page.

  1. Lastly, just click on one of the apps or services you want to add and enter the information given (or allow access) and hit Connect. That’s all there is to it. You can continue to add apps and services until you are done.

A Landing Page the Guarantees Results

Instapage is well-known for its services and has helped numerous companies – big and small.

Even though Instapage has worked with large companies, you can still see they keep it simple to fit everyones’ skill level. What you find is the tolls are always easy to use and they are available for help 24/7.

If you are looking to create a landing page that you can customize with ease, Instapage has the tools that can provide you with the results you’re after.

Take a look at Instapage, I recommend you take a look and see if what they have to offer can benefit you and your business.


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