Direct File Transfer with Binfer

What is Binfer?

Binfer is a direct file transfer service that enables user to user interaction. It makes transferring and sharing files and web information without uploading files easy and simplifies finding files in your email.

Binfer uses its own dashboard platform that enables its users to send files directly to one another. All files are stored on the platform, securely, and can only be accessed from the Binfer platform.

This service provides you with the safety and comfort of a private server connection where you can maintain and handle your business.

Who Should Use This Service?

Businesses should utilize the service Binfer has. With its platform being secure and discreet – you can easily transfer files without worrying about theft or hacking.

Businesses that need the privacy – such as law firms, adoption agencies, and behavioral services should invest in a platform that can keep files confidential and provide a platform where all employees can chat, message, and file transfer within seconds.

Binfer would be a fantastic way to provide a platform for your remote workers to sign on to and be a part of the team in the office. It would also benefit everyone with sending files, asking for feedback or help, and working with one another.

This service would also be great for students who want to be able to communicate, file share, and work on a task together.

How Binfer Works

Binfer works by you installing the desktop platform. Once opened and signed in, you can begin testing the functions of Binfer.

Binfer allows you to import and create contacts, send messages and chat, sync your data, and view your reports.

The file transfer service Binfer offers is fast, easy to use, and can be used from anywhere – so long as Binfer is installed on the device. This makes working remotely and sending files to your boss easy.

The Dashboard

You start on the Dashboard, which is very user friendly and shows you what you can do.

At the top, you have all the tabs you can open. You have the Home tab, the Messages tab, the Contact tab, the Synchronization tab, the Web Drop tab, the Private Cloud tab, the Reports tab, and the Transfers tab.

If you click on one, it will open a new tab next to your Home tab. I clicked on Transfers and you can see where it popped up. Under the Home tab, you will see Recent and Create New sections with options. You will then see your Online Contacts and My Devices. Lastly, you have your Settings, Help, Log Out, and the Connection icon.

File Sharing

Sharing files is a large part of employee relations in multiple businesses. For marketers – we’re always sharing files and messaging each other, so this platform provides an effortless way to send files and store files for later.

Click on the envelope at the top of your tabs to open the Message Center. Click on New Message and the template will open. Click on the To button so you can select a contact – or you can type in another email address to send to someone outside of your contacts list.

Type your message in the Description section – where you can edit your font, color, size, and headings. Next you can click on the Files tab to add your files to the message. Finally, click on the Options tab to enable pickup, password protect, and send a copy to yourself. Hit Send once your message is ready.

You will receive an update on your message and it will move it to your outbox. You can also drag and drop files into Chat and have web drops.

Click on the link with a down arrow to open the Web Drop tab. Select New Web Drop and it will open a template for you.

To add a link to your web drop, simply highlight the link, click and hold on it, drag it to your Binfer platform and place the link in the text area. Let go and the link will paste itself into the text section. Select Add.

Now the web drop is accessible in your platform. When you hover over the web drop box, you’ll see 4 buttons appear. You can choose to Copy the Link, Copy the Embed Tag, Edit the Web Drop, and Delete It.


Binfer is a phenomenal way to keep in contact with all your employees and clients. Messaging your employees on the Binfer dashboard is a straightforward process that takes just three steps.

  1. Open a New Message and click on the To button. Select a Contact from the list that pops up and click okay. It will input the email for you.
  1. Enter your subject and message. Add files if desired and select your options for this message.


  1. Lastly, hit Send. The confirmation will pop up and place the sent message into your outbox.


Another option is to Chat with your colleagues.

Click on the Contacts icon and hover over a contact. A small chat bubble will appear – click on it to open a text message. This allows you to instantly chat with your employees and coworkers no matter their location.

Private Cloud Network

Having a private cloud network makes you able to create a secure network that you can share your files on – privately.

None of your information is stored on any servers, it’s all located on the platform for your network to share.

Click on the Locked Cloud icon to access the Private Cloud Center. You can choose to select a Private Cloud File or Log In.

Once you are logged in, you can Refresh, Add Existing Member, Add New Member, and Generate Access Files. Under the Settings tab you can setup your Private Cloud and how to access it, your members list, more.

How Binfer Could Benefit You

If you are a small business with your employees working in a building or remotely, this could help you access your employees and see where they are on their work.

This can also help build your employees confidence with one another and provide ease of access for feedback, group projects, and client consultations.

If you have a team of people you want to be able to stay in contact with on a work platform, Binfer might be worth giving a try.


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