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What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a storage system that keeps all your backup files on a hard drive in a remote location. By stashing your files online on a remote server – they are available for you to access at any time, from any location, and any computer.

Many businesses, authors, designers, and other professionals store data on cloud systems since they are more reliable than your PC, flash drives, hard drives, and have better security (most times).

Many people prefer to use cloud storage as a way of keeping confidential data off their computer and placed in a location where it can’t be easily accessed. This is especially directed to inventors, authors, CEO, lawyers, attorneys, and government officials.

However, some people prefer to keep data off their computer and store it online because it’s easier to access anywhere and they don’t have to worry about misplacing a file, their computer dying and losing their work, or they may like to keep their files private.

How BackBlaze Works

BackBlaze is a backup, restore, and cloud storage system for personal and professional use.

BackBlaze utilizes cloud technology and creates a backup of your computer, so if anything fails, you can use the restore feature to bring your computer back to how it was. If you find you don’t want all your files on your computer, you can always choose to place them in their B2 cloud storage.

BackBlaze is used by all types of clients, from bloggers to large companies, to personal use, and small businesses. It’s ideal for teams working on large products, a company whose information needs to be private and stored away from the main company.

Using BackBlaze

Compared to most cloud storage systems I’ve used and researched, BackBlaze is by far the most straightforward system and the easiest to use.

First, sign-up for a free 15-day trial and immediately begin to download the installer. After it installs, it will automatically begin a backup of your system. This backup will be taking all the files from your computer and backing them up on the BackBlaze platform.

On the dashboard of your account, you can see the overview of your computer, your backups, the drives you’re backing up, a questions area, purchasing more backup space, and the navigational panel.

Once you have your files saved, they will be ready for a restore – which you can use at any time.

Lastly, you can always drop files to the cloud to access later. Starting at $5 per month per computer and a 15-day free trial, it’s a great deal!

Backup Your Files

Even though many computer systems allow you to back up your filesmany PC users do not use this feature, and when it does happen, they lose everything.

I’ve been there, a few years ago I lost all my work, and just recently my friend has been there. We don’t want to have to go through that again – hence, we look for high-quality cloud storage.

After you install the BackBlaze control panel, it’ll begin backing up your system data. On this panel, you can see everything that is currently happening, change your settings, choose your restore options, and see the most frequently asked questions.

If you click on the restore options, the restore panel will pop up and you can see the options you have for a restore. They give you three options and once you sign in on the website – you can select the option you’d like to receive.

If you select the settings button, the preferences panel will pop up. Here you can navigate through the different preferences, choose your setting options, choose the drives you want saved, and more. If you make any changes, make sure to select apply before the ok button.

If you head over to the website and select my account > preferences, you will see the current plan you have, the frequency of backups you want, and the computers you are currently backing up.

This makes it easy to see everything that is going on in one area.

Restore Your Files

I don’t like when my computer crashes, and I hope yours never does. However, if it does and you have backed up your data on BackBlaze, you will feel much more relaxed about your situation.

Restoring your files can take a long time, if you have a lot of files, but it’s well worth it than losing everything.

Once you have backed up your data, visit your account on the website and select view/restore files. On this screen, you can see the files you have selected, choose how you want your files delivered to you, which include two physical copies that cost money, but you get a full refund once you return the device.

Before clicking the continue with restore button, scroll down the page to find your files. Here you can select the computer you want to back up files from, what files, all the files, and more. Once you have selected your options, click the continue with restore button.

As the restore begins to compile, you will see this screen. You can view the status, but it will email you when it’s finished, and share your experience on Facebook or Twitter.

Next you can click on my restores and you can choose between downloading your files through a downloader or through a ZIP file. After you request a restore, you will have 7 days to use it before it disappears.

B2 Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is safe, secure, and a wonderful way to share files, photos, and data with friends, family, employees, and teams.

The B2 cloud storage by Backblaze is very simple to use. With their drag and drop method, or upload files – anyone can store their data on the cloud storage.

Click on the B2 cloud storage on the navigation bar and sign in once more. You’ll be taken to the B2 cloud storage buckets dashboard. Click on create a bucket to get started.

The create a bucket screen will pop up and you’ll need to name your bucket (which needs to be unique, alphanumeric, 6 characters, and can only use the – special character). After that, select private or public and then create a bucket.

Your bucket will now appear on the B2 cloud storage buckets dashboard where you can change the settings for the bucket and lifestyle, and upload/download files.

Lost or Stolen Device

This is a unique feature that BackBlaze offers with its users. No matter who you are, your business, what you back up, save, share – whatever, they will try to help you locate your lost device.

If you click on the locate my computer section, you can select if your location GPS is on or off, select the computer, and then map the directions.

After you follow their steps to get your PC back, they show you the additional steps to take to ensure that you follow all the procedures you need to for getting your device back.

Why You Should Use BackBlaze

BackBlaze is a unique cloud storage system that completely has your back in the entire process. As you back up your data, restore your computers, find missing devices, and explore cloud storage, they’re with you every step of the way to make sure you have the help you need.

Their services are inexpensive and give you the ability to grow as your business does, and as you need more space for more employees, more storage – they’re there. Try out the service and tell me what you think. I think for the pricing, the services included, and the ease of use – that this platform is well worth the $50 per year price tag.

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